SPACE POOLS: Shilly Wonka Finance AMA

Questions and Answers

Q: Please introduce yourself and your project. What is Shilly Wonka?

A: Shilly Wonka is a Crypto community that aims to learn and educate its members about all things crypto. We believe that Crypto is the future and that is why we are always happy to teach people new to crypto whatever they need to know to get started in the world of crypto.

Q: Why did you choose Astronos for Staking?

A: Astronos is a legit project that has always worked hard to improve. The team behind the project has always been trustworthy and passionate, definitely a project we can safely back.

Q: How does Shilly Wonka stand out from other crypto communities?

A: Our community has always been organic since day one. We spread the word through other legit projects and by assisting other communities. This way, we targeted legit investors and grew at a sustainable pace. Also, we keep our community friendly and open to everyone. I do believe we have one of the most vibrant and friendly communities out there.

Q: How did you come up with the idea to create the “Shilly Wonka” platform? Why did you choose the name?

A: Initially we were working on a unique token idea for the adult industry. After researching, we realized very quickly that the market was saturated with scams and rug pulls., and there were not really any platforms for legit start up projects to be noticed. We found that any information on “Shitcoins” seemed to be based on who paid the most where, and led by a lot of shady “Influencers”. So that’s where the idea started. Then, the idea of “Shilly Wonka” was born. The name is inspired by a personal favorite movie of mine. So, it felt natural to model our discord a bit after that flow, and it went from there. I feel like the name brings a meme worthy status, nostalgia, as well as a sense of endearment from everyone. It’s hard not to giggle a little when you first hear it.

Q: Let’s get to know more about not only the project but the great team behind it. Tell us more about your team. How many members and what are their backgrounds?

A: Shilly Wonka, has 25 years in marketing and sales experience Charlie Bucket is Shilly’s childhood friend. He’s got 15+ years experience running a successful construction business, and is the treasurer. Augustus Gloop and Madam Blueberry are professional graphic designers and helped tweak and design some of the daily used elements. The Golden Ticket is a very capable video editor and content creator that works constantly to produce new content on our platforms. Oompa Loompa Shift Manager has done work as a translator and part time writer, and oversees a lot of the daily discord duties.

Does Shilly Wonka have any program like token burning to attract many investors to invest?

A: We do not do token burning. But, we offer BUSD rewards that are generated by transactions to our holders. We also believe that our low fixed supply would be better spent putting those tokens into holders. But, I suppose you could count some of the airdrops in our discord as being burnt, occasionally those get sent to accounts that will never offload as well.

What innovations does Shilly Wonka offer in DeFi?

A: We are the first to offer a “loot crate” style subscription in the form of “Candy Crate drops”. We also were the first “Theme based shitcoin community”. We integrated into our discord in innovative ways that drives constant engagement and traffic to any partners. Our native token, SHBAR, powers the ecosystem but it does not define us, as we constantly grow and evolve. SHBAR will still grow with us organically through legit partners and our marketing efforts of Shilly Wonka alone.



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